White House is willing to open the Strategic Petroleum Reserve if needed in aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. [WSJ, WP]

Bush, in attempt to change topic from Iraq, again calls for overhaul of Social Security and says "there is more we can do" about border security. Bush on Social Security: "I'm going to keep working this issue."[NYT, WP, USAT]

Roberts argued for a permanent ban of racial quotas in the workplace and against school busing designed to integrate students. [WP]

Roberts advised the Reagan administration not to expand policing powers to government agencies such as the Interior and Agriculture Departments; called "a classic conservative articulation of the individual's right to be protected from state power." [NYT]

Leahy gives heads-up to Roberts: expect questions about the "Bybee memo" that defines the legality of torture. [NYT, LAT]

White House official says Republicans have lost their advantage on education; No Child Left Behind is increasingly unpopular among both parties. [WSJ, LAT]

Abramoff pleads not guilty to conspiracy and wire fraud charges. [WP]

Global weapons sales reach five-year high, with the United States in the lead. [NYT]

Top Air Force general says Iraq will need their support for the long-haul. [NYT]

Gonzales prefers House version of revised Patriot Act. [WP]

Jesse Helms equates abortion to the Holocaust and 9/11 in his new book. [WP]


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