• New poll shows Democrats favored by 2 to 1 among the important independent voters who have soured on Iraq. [WP]

  • Black and Latino voters once supportive of GOP turn to Democrats as previous campaign promises go unfulfilled. [LAT]

  • President Bush no longer saying "stay the course." Difference between old course and emerging new course unclear, though might involve setting up progress benchmarks in Iraq. [NYT]

  • In a sign he intends to run for president Barack Obama talks about getting high with a room full of magazine editors. [NYT]

  • Academics disagree about whether the midterm elections will constitute a Democratic "wave" or a "wavelet." Larry Sabato sides with the "wave year" camp. [WP]

  • Long-shot candidate in California incites rash of corny headlines, may be "washed" into House next month. [WP]

  • Dennis Hastert's top aide testified before the House ethics subcommittee yesterday in a sign that the "Who knew Foley was a perv and when?" investigation may be drawing to a close. [ ]

  • Former Enron CEO Jeffery Skilling expresses remorse while maintaining innocence, but the sentence is 24 years and 4 months in Federal "pound me in the ass" prison. [LAT]

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