Daily Briefing: Let the Eagles Drink More

* John Warner and his merry band of Senate outlaws demand more attention for their troop escalation-opposition-resolution. Harry Reid says, "WTF?" [WP]

* The House, meanwhile, is going right ahead. Will figure out what to say as they go. [NYT]

* Of course, 3,000 of the 21,500 additional troops are already there, getting their helicopters blowed up. [LAT]

* Iraq war veteran Jon Soltz and his not-so-merry band of surly veterans hang around hill offices telling war stories and dropping criticism of Bush and Cheney like it's hot. [WP]

* Barry Hussein gets cocky, asks the FEC questions about what to do after he wins the nomination. [WP, NYT]

* Government makes a cartoon of itself by asking other countries if pilots flying internationally can be armed to the teeth. [USAT]

* Bald eagles that shed tears for America, now shed their trees, blood. [NYT]


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