• Biologists can now harvest stem-cells without destroying an embryo; White House and members of Congress trying to think up new objections. [NYT, W$J]

  • Bush no longer touting "unseen-progress" in Iraq; new slogan is "Hey, it could be worse." [WP]

  • Some Republicans angry over lack of CIA fear mongering regarding the Iranian threat. [NYT]

  • George Allen calls to personally apologize for "macaca" remark, "from his heart." [NYT, WP]

  • Elizabeth Dole, however, sticking by Conrad Burns and his slurs. [AP]

  • Alaska Gov. Frank Murkowski losses badly in republican primary, blames "anti-incumbent mood." [NYT, WP]

  • Freed of his Democratic cloak, Lieberman wants everyone to know how much he loves the Iraq war. [NYT]

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