* Only 1.4m of the 8m low-income Americans eligible for special Medicare benefits have made shift to new plan; "the government is on track to spend about $250 for each person it enrolls." [WP]

* Bush presses for energy innovation: "We have a chance to transform the way we power our economy, and the way we lead our lives." [WP, NYT, USAT]

* Some State Department officials complain that a recent reorganization was politically motivated and "reduced the influence of employees who were viewed by some political appointees as disloyal to the administration's policies." [WP]

* Sen. Specter (R-Pa.) hopes to propose limits on NSA eavesdropping within the next few weeks. [WT]

* Justice John Paul Stevens "remarkable staying power has been good for liberals" and his "influence has grown in recent years." [WP]

* Republican Governors George Pataki (N.Y.) and Robert Ehrlich (Maryland) announce opposition to Arab company's planned takeover of six U.S. ports. [NYT]

* The National Archives has quietly reclassified over 55,000 pages since 1999. [NYT]

* The Bushes have their own budget earmarks. [W$J]

* Past experience as a lobbyist probably helped Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour secure reconstruction funds. [NYT]

* Sources and reporters have different views on the use of anonymous sources. [WP]


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