Daily Briefing: Lines in the Sand

  • President Bush signs border fence bill that neither himself nor Democrats think will actually get built, or if built, do any good. [WP, NYT]

  • Opponents of gay marriage cheer pro-gay decision from New Jersey court, hope it will motivate large numbers of anti-gay voters whose homophobia had been dormant. [WP, NYT]

  • IRS commissioner's dubious ethics largely ignored by White House's ethics lawyer who is his wife. [NYT]

  • Hedging their bets for the next Congress, some corporations make last minute contributions to Democratic candidates. [WSJ]

  • In a campaign season with record ad spending, you still only remember the ridiculous ones. [WP, WSJ]

  • Gas prices may be down, but Exxon-Mobil's profits aren't. [WP]

  • Black voter turnout negatively affected by " past shenanigans," positively affected by hatred of the Bush administration. [NYT]

  • Donald Rumsfeld takes criticism from Republicans who don't have a pressing campaign requirement to be against him, they just are. [WP]

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