Daily Briefing: 'Long, Hot Summer'

Rove spoke to Cooper but did not name Plame, according to his attorney; Rove provided a "big warning" about Wilson's credibility. [WP, WSJ]

Rehnquist could retire today. Bush expected to announce his nominee by the end of the month; Schumer says Democrats "will not roll over." [WP]

Confidential British memo accounts for the withdrawal of 100,000 U.S. troops from Iraq within a year; no decision has been made. [WP]

Chertoff on alert for domestic sleeper cells. [WSJ, NYT]

Cooper was torn over obligations of family and journalistic ethics. [NYT]

Specter suggests O'Connor be promoted to chief justice: "She might be willing to stay on for a year or so." [NYT]

Senators are facing a "long, hot summer" with multiple nominations to the Supreme Court. [LAT]

Eminent domain ruling is used by conservative groups to galvanize their base in the Supreme Court fight. [NYT]

Liberal groups gear up for battle over the Supreme Court. [WP]

Population shift to the South and West will increase Republicans' electoral and congressional strength, say analysts. [WT]


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