* Immigration seen as breakout issue for '08; Bush "has lost control of his own party on the issue." Flack for Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-Neb.): "The short-term politics of this are pretty clear. The long-term politics are pretty clear. And they're both at odds." [WP, NYT]

* Democrats bet '06 has the "perfect conditions" for female candidates; perhaps an indicator for Hillary in '08. [NYT]

* Congressional investigation on prewar intelligence is due next week; report unlikely to answer "whether political appointees at the Pentagon deliberately distorted intelligence and subverted analysis by the Central Intelligence Agency to gin up support for the invasion." [W$J]

* American Muslims "are voting, running for office and getting more involved in civic and political life at every level." [USAT]

* Push for the legalization of same-sex marriage heats up at the state-level. [USAT]

* Government raises $94,625 from auctioning goods that were given to former Rep. Randy Cunningham. [NYT]


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