* Harry Reid elected Senate Majority Leader by his peers, even though they find him to be a little too "Mormony." [WP]

* House leadership elections are on Friday, no legislative work to occur until then, obv. [WP, NYT]

* Iraq study panel talks to Tony Blair and Bill Clinton, neither of whom think Carl Levin's 4 to 6 month withdrawal plan is any good. [NYT, NYT]

* Jack Abramoff will try to not let the door hit him in the ass on the way in to Federal prison today. [WP]

* Democratic lobbyists who've been living on twigs and grubs since 1994 can now return to their place in the sun, table at Charlie Palmer's. [NYT, WSJ]

* It's all hugs and [ass] kisses for Joe Lieberman from Democrats who need his dour jowls to hold the majority. [NYT]

* Some Republicans consider the naming of Mel Martinez as RNC head "pandering to minorities." Want the Grand Old Party to return to the days of having nothing but contempt for "those" people. [LAT]


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