Daily Briefing: Marching Power

* Number of hours President Bush spent in Colombia: 7. Number of troops assigned to protect him: 20,000. Impact on drug trade: worthless. [NYT]

* Barack Obama floats like a butterfly, Hillary Clinton is a "b." [WP]

* Robert Gates makes the big decisions at the Pentagon by asking himself, "what would Donald Rumsfeld do?" Then he does the opposite. [NYT]

* Military decides now is a good time to figure out what to do if the "surge" doesn't turn Iraq back into the garden of Eden after all. [LAT]

* Nancy Pelosi tries calling Captain Planet, gets Jim Sensenbrenner instead. [WP]

* Fred Thompson hikes his skirt up and sticks his thumb out to catch a ride to the Vice Presidential manse. [WP]

* February 5, 2008: the day the Walnuts Express goes quiet. [NYT]

* Be short. Army short. [USAT]


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