Daily Briefing: McClellan Wiggling

Rove under pressure to resign as Republican strategists express concern; McClellan has no comment about "ongoing" investigation and backs away from White House pledge to fire anyone involved. Reid: "I trust they will follow through on this pledge." [NYT, WP, USAT]

Democrats, sensing shift, attack Rove's involvement in Plame affair; Kerry says Rove "has to go." [WSJ, WT]

Milbank: "The 32-minute pummeling was perhaps the worst McClellan received since he got the job two years ago. His eyes were red and tired. He wiggled his foot nervously behind the lectern and robotically refused to answer no fewer than 35 questions about Rove and the outing of the CIA's Valerie Plame." [WP]

Bush defends war on terrorism in wake of London bombings: "And just as America and Great Britain stood together to defeat the totalitarian ideologies of the 20th century, we now stand together against the murderous ideologies of the 21st century." [WP, WT, NYT]

Bush meets today with Democrats to discuss the Supreme Court; Reid does not "anticipate" a filibuster. [NYT, WT]

Senate has second-thoughts about slashing mass-transit security funds. [WP, LAT]

55% of Americans expect terrorist attack within the next few weeks, according to Gallup poll. [USAT]

Rice faulted for skipping annual diplomatic meeting in Southeast Asia. [WP, NYT]

Rep. Sensenbrenner Jr. (R-Wis.) proposes permanent version of Patriot Act. [WP, NYT, WT]

Memories of Bork influence current Supreme Court battle. Conservative activist: "We've been at war ever since." [WP]

Supreme Court nominee likely to "take the Fifth" when questioning gets sticky. [NYT]

Hillary's new site directed beyond Democrats. [NYT]

Some Acelas return to service. [NYT]


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