Daily Briefing: 'More Than Happy'

For Rove to be guilty, Plame has to have been stationed overseas for a long-term assignment within the last five years; no evidence suggests she was. [USAT]

Bush, after Cooper testifies, comments on leak scandal: "This is a serious investigation. I will be more than happy to comment on this matter once this investigation is complete." [WP, NYT, WSJ]

Americans more supportive of Iraq war than Bush in NBC/WSJ poll. 65% do not want Roe overturned; 57% do not support private accounts; and plurality wants Democratic victories in '06. [WSJ]

Majorities in Gallup survey would like O'Connor replaced by a woman or Hispanic justice. [USAT]

Rehnquist hospitalized with fever. [WP, NYT]

Chertoff outlines organizational overhaul of Homeland Security Department: "We as a nation must make tough choices about how to invest finite human and financial capital to attain the optimal state of preparedness." [NYT]

Bush touts newly reduced deficit forecasts but analysts remain skeptical. Bush: "It's a sign that our economy is strong, and it's a sign that our tax relief plan, our pro-growth policies, are working." [WSJ, WP, NYT, USAT]

Military investigation finds no evidence of "torture" at Gitmo: "Detention and interrogation operations across the board. . . were safe, secure and humane." [WT]

Gang of 14 plot out strategy for Supreme Court nomination process. [NYT]

Hillary, Lieberman, Reed, Salazar urge Pentagon to increase of deployment to Iraq by 80,000. [NYT]

White House concerned Gonzales would face cases with conflict-of-interests at Supreme Court. [WP, WSJ]

Bush open to nominating a non-judge to the Supreme Court. [NYT]

Lawmakers juggle proposals to mend Patriot Act. [WP, NYT, LAT]

Rand report finds "considerable strain" on Army requirement and retention: "The challenge the Army faces is profound." [WT]

Mehlman will denounce Nixon's use of race as a wedge issue at NAACP convention. [WP]

Kennedy responds angrily to Santorum's charge that "liberalism" contributed the Catholic Church's sex abuse scandal. [WP]

Hillary calls for investigation into video game with hidden sex images. [NYT]

Panel criticizes government-funded sex education site as misinformed and biased. [WP]


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