• Yesterday Bush appeared with Nouri al-Maliki at The White House for the first time. He announced a new Iraq strategy which involves moving existing troops to Baghdad. "Bush sounded unusually dour and acknowledged that the situation in Iraq in many ways has worsened lately." [WP]

  • The White House drafts a proposal for bringing terror detainees to trial: "The draft bill specifies that no matter how it is gathered, evidence 'shall be admissible if the military judge' determines it has 'probative value.'" [NYT]

  • The Senate voted 65 to 34 to prohibit anyone from helping pregnant minors cross state lines (to get around parental consent laws) for abortion care. [WP]

  • 25 days before they adjourn, Congress introduces two energy bills to ease reliance on foreign oil. [WSJ]

  • Milbloggers hope to counteract MSM, "Does Abu Ghraib need to be told 40 times above the fold in the New York Times when half your readers couldn't name the guy who won the Medal of Honor?" [WSJ]

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