Harry Reid, in surprise move, will vote against Roberts, citing concerns about women's rights and civil rights. [WP, NYT, LAT, WT]

Republican unity tested by divisions over how to cover high costs of Katrina relief. [WP, NYT]

Democrats brace for strategic battle over O'Connor's seat. [WSJ, WT]

Arrested official did not disclose links to "controversial foreign clients"; Democrats cite arrest as need for independent inquiry into Katrina response. [WP, NYT]

Nine Americans killed in Iraq over the past two days. [WP]

House, Senate negotiators agree on $6b in tax breaks for Katrina relief. [WSJ]

Bush praises Mississippi for "moving forward." [WP]

Katrina has not altered views on poverty; majority favored policy action a year ago. [USAT]

Lawmakers milk Katrina to push pet causes. [LAT]

Eight governors request investigation in gouging at the pumps. [NYT]

Daschle interested in '08? [WP]


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