Daily Briefing: News Cycle, Disrupted

Judith Miller behind bars in Virginia; Matthew Cooper will testify. Miller: "They put shackles on my hands and my feet. They put you in the back of this car. I passed the Capitol and all the office buildings I used to cover. And I thought, 'My God, how did it come to this?'" [NYT, NYT, WP, WP, USAT]

Bush on replacing O'Connor: "I'll try to assess their character, their interests. . . I'll pick people who, one, can do the job, people who are honest, people who are bright, and people who will strictly interpret the Constitution and not use the bench to legislate from." [WP, NYT, LAT, USAT]

Bush, on birthday bike ride in Scotland, accidently hits police officer and suffers scrapes and bruises. [NYT, WT, USAT]

Gonzales has been meeting with conservative groups, apparently lobbying for support. Reid: "But having said that he's qualified, I don't know if he'd have an easy way through." [WT]

Questions about the Gang of 14: "Will Democratic lawmakers use a filibuster to block President Bush's nominee to succeed [O'Connor]? And if they do, will Republicans resume the effort to prohibit filibusters against judicial appointments?" [LAT]

Nomination of Gonzales would combine Bush's main goals: building a Republican majority and courting Hispanics. [WP]

Conservatives view Gonzales as weak on abortion. [WP]

Bush reluctant to address global warming at G-8 summit. [NYT, WT, USAT]

Democrats wish for Supreme Court nominee similar to O'Connor. President of People for the American Way: "Remember, she was approved unanimously in the 1980's and we did not oppose her at the time." [NYT]

Jenna Bush, in tweed jacket, a "hit" at G-8 summit. [WT]

White House names Fred Thompson as guide for Supreme Court nominee. [WSJ, WP]

Republicans are increasingly disloyal to Bush regarding stem-cell research. [WSJ]


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