Daily Briefing: No One Wants to Die

Republicans "increasingly critical" of administration's strategy for Social Security while voters' edginess persists; GAO says solution will "exacerbate the solvency problem" and "accelerate the negative cash flows." [WSJ, NYT, USAT]

Competing Republican budget plans propose major domestic spending cuts to preserve majority of tax relief. Chambliss: "Nobody was totally happy with the president's budget, so it's a matter of trying to get as comfortable as we can with it." Nussle: "Everyone wants to get to heaven, but no one wants to die." [WP, WSJ, NYT]

Vote on bankruptcy bill postponed until today. [WP, NYT]

Republicans step-up effort to drill ANWR. Bush: "Developing a small section of ANWR would not only create thousands of new jobs, but it would eventually reduce our dependence on foreign oil by up to a million barrels of oil a day. And that's important." [WP, NYT, LAT]

Hillary joins Santorum, Lieberman to introduce bill on sex and violence in children's entertainment products. [NYT]

Administration throws support behind industry drive to repeal 76 federal rules. [WSJ]

GOP establishing counsel of African American leaders, experts to develop strategy for winning black vote. Mehlman: "This is a very serious priority for this party today." [LAT]

Republicans try to get Harold Ford to swing for Social Security overhaul. [USAT]

New FCC chairman to be announced soon; 2 front-runners are administration loyalists. [NYT]

Some evangelicals urge action on global warming. [NYT]

Clear Skies bill deadlocked in committee. [WP, WSJ, NYT, LAT]

White House pool reports leaked to Wonkette; Ana Marie Cox gets illustrated WSJ head-shot. Cox: "I like when you can sense the clear antagonism, the passive-aggressive relationship between the press and the administration." [WSJ]


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