Daily Briefing: No Pratfalls Here

* Gerald Ford: greatest President since the last one that died. [WP, NYT, USAT]

* President Bush dips his pen into the inkwell of free-market editorials. [WSJ, NYT]

* Strategy memo stolen from Rudy Giuliani's campaign mildly shocking for the 292 million Americans that don't live in New York City. [WP]

* Massachusetts will put gay marriage on a statewide ballot in 2008 -- get ready for two years of marketing gayness to Irish-Catholics. [WP]

* No one has a clue if Barack Obama's bong hits will become poll hits in a Presidential race. [WP]

* Democrats really, definitely launching "100-hour legislative blitz," just as soon as the "Lets get ready to rummmble" guy shows up. [NYT]

* Hippies plan protest at Capitol tomorrow, will discuss impeachment over vegan burritos. [WP]

* African-American members of Congress from the South assume leadership positions in the House, finally. [WSJ]

* Military's "emergency-funding request" reads like a Pentagon Christmas list. [WSJ]


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