* Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will cost $94B in 2006, up from $48B in 2003, and higher than comparable costs of the Vietnam War; Senate will debate another round of emergency spending next week. [WP]

* Bolten "hopes to demonstrate to the public and the Republican-led Congress that it will no longer be business as usual in a White House afflicted by political defeats, an overseas war and shrinking public support"; Tony Snow and Dan Senor top the list of likely successors to McClellan. [WP, USAT, W$J]

* Bolten faces the challenge of finding "ways to open up the Oval Office to new ideas and to the opinions of people who are not longtime Bush confidants." [WP]

* Rove will focus on November's midterm elections: "The president and the new chief of staff said they wanted me focused on the big strategic issues facing the administration." [NYT]

* Bush will urge Chinese President Hu Jintao to "take a more aggressive stance against governments that U.S. officials believe could potentially threaten U.S. interests and, more broadly, the international system." [WP, W$J]

* John Negroponte quietly seeks $1B intelligence budget; director of national intelligence is criticized by the House Intelligence Committee for acting as "another layer of large, unintended and unnecessary bureaucracy." [WP, NYT]

* Dana Milbank: "Nobody's safe at the White House these days." [WP]

* Fleischer: "The press creates an environment where it's going to be very hard for any press secretary to last long." [WP]

* Immigrant groups want to become a "powerful, organized political force." [NYT]

* Ralph Reed could "become the first campaign casualty of the Abramoff scandal" in Republican primary for lieutenant governor of Georgia. [W$J]


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