Daily Briefing: North Korea Cries Out For Condi

· North Korea, Nukular Superpower. [WaPo, NYT]

· New 9/11 Commission report: "dozens of intelligence reports... warned about Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda..." [NYT]

· Medicaid drug benefit freaks lawmakers. [LAT]

· Pentagon confirms interrogators' "sex tactics" at Guantanamo. [WaPo]

· The French love Condi. [NYT]

· The Saudi vote: very very manly. [LAT]

· Defense Department shocker: pay to be tied to performance, not longevity. [WaPo]

· B'more's foxy mayor Martin O'Malley: a victim of extra-marital rumor-mongering by Gov. Ehrlich? [WaPo]


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