* First Bush presser of '07 "confirms" there are Iranians in Iraq. [WP, NYT]

* This Iranian "Delta Force" is possibly operating outside of Iranian government control. Rambo couldn't be reached for comment. [LAT]

* Debate over the Iraq "I told you so" resolution went pretty quick. Waiting for John Murtha to count up the $100 billion, however, will take longer. [WP, NYT]

* Rudy Giuliani might have to stop telling people to "get motivated" if he wants to "get elected." [WP]

* Libby Trial bloggers almost like real reporters, but more witty. Oh so witty. [NYT]

* David Axelrod channels the political discourse of the angels, hangs with the brothers. [WP]

* With a loaded husband and a well-connected brother-in-law, you too can be a Democratic lobbyist! [WSJ]


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