* Hundreds of thousands rally across the country to influence Congressional action on immigration. [NYT]

* Approval of Bush dips to another new low: 34% in USAT/Gallup poll. [USAT]

* Republicans drop plan to offer $100 compensation for gas prices. [WSJ, NYT]

* FBI sought information on thousands of Americans last year without court approval. [WP]

* Social Security and Medicare are "unsustainable in their current form," according to the administration. Bush: "The systems are going broke." [NYT]

* Ten states are suing the administration to raise mileage on SUVs and trucks. [NYT]

* Secret Service will release notations of White House visits by Abramoff. [WP]

* Lawmakers' pet projects used against them by opponents calling for fiscal responsibility and reform. [NYT]

* Giuliani, in Iowa, openly contemplates a national run: "I've got a lot of places to go and a lot of people to talk to and a long process of figuring out whether it makes sense to run for president in 2008... As part of it, saying to myself, does it look like I have a chance in 2008? And make that decision after the 2006 election." [NYT]


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