Daily Briefing: Ought to Pasture

* The damage that Alberto Gonzales has been able to do at the Justice Department pales in comparison to what Arlen Specter has done to the rest of the country. [WP, NYT]

* John Edwards invented the two Americas, he knows which one is the good one. [WP]

* Iraq funding debate brings out the worst in the worst people. [WP]

* Presidential candidates would rather collect checks and play grab-ass than have to think, talk at the same time. [NYT]

* Chinese anti-satellite weapons less shady then Pentagon cover-up of same. [NYT]

* Democrats admit they've wanted taxes since the moment their eyes first met. [WP]

* Guy who inherited the New York Times should continue to run it, says guy who inherited the Washington Post. [WSJ]

* The FDA sucks, FYI. [WP]


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