Daily Briefing, Part 2: "I Want To Get To Know Condi"

Bush's approval rating notches up to 57% in CNN/USAT/Gallup poll; 44% approve Social Security plan; 50% approval for handling of Iraq. [USAT]

Sen. Harry Reid assails Bush -- "Is this how he wants to be a uniter?" -- hours before attending intimate White House function. Frosty glances over chilly canapes ensue. [WP]

Dean is last man standing as Roemer drops out of race for DNC chairman. [NYT, USAT]

Chirac and company signal second term is fresh start for relations with U.S. French foreign minister: "I want to get to know Condi Rice, to establish a personal relationship with her." [NYT]

Chertoff approved by committee; Senate to vote this week. [NYT]

Bush markets Social Security plan as personal empowerment. [WP]

Kerry or flee: number of Americans "who are actually submitting Canadian immigration papers and making concrete plans is about three or four times higher than normal," says immigration lawyer. [NYT]


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