Daily Briefing: Path to the Security Council

  • US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan will now enjoy the clarity of knowing that the Geneva Conventions apply again. [WP]

  • Condoleezza Rice is very, very disappointed in Iran, after they failed to respond to last month's proposal that they give up their nuclear programs. "That then means that we would be on the path to the Security Council." [NYT]

  • Robert Novak reveals his secondary sources in the famous Plame column -- Bill Harlow, CIA public information officer; and Karl Rove. His "primary" source's name has not yet been revealed. [Human Events Online]

  • The Army is ending its exclusive, multi-billion-dollar deal with Halliburton to provide "logistical support" to American troops worldwide. [WP

  • Donald Rumsfeld made a surprise visit to Iraq. A suicide bomber killed seven people, and "Security forces also found the bodies of 20 bus drivers who had been kidnapped earlier north of Baghdad." [WP]

  • Hillary Clinton is the number two recipient of donations from the health care industry. [NYT]

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