* Administration commits an additional $2.5 billion to New Orleans levees in an effort to bring "certainty to some uncertain issues." [WP]

* Democrats are unlikely to win back the House unless there is "a massive anti-incumbent wave this fall," experts say. [WP]

* Administration is cornered by Iran even as experts suggest the country is years away from having nuclear capacities. [WP, NYT]

* McClellan says Bush was repeating wrong information about Iraq's WMD programs; he was not intentionally misleading the public. [WP]

* Democrat Francine Busby wins California primary but will incur a runoff. [NYT]

* Patrick Fitzgerald rephrases allegations about authorization that Libby received. [NYT, WSJ]

* Former commander of forces in Iraq calls for Rumsfeld to resign, saying, "We need a fresh start." [WP]

* Documents show "AT&T had an agreement with the federal government to systematically gather information flowing on the Internet through the company's network." [NYT]

* Republicans vow not to make illegal immigration a felony. [USAT]

* Bush continues to stump for Medicare plan. [USAT]

* Bill Clinton: "We should still have a preference for peace over war, a preference for cooperation over unilateralism, a preference for investing more to build a world with more partners and fewer terrorists." [WP]


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