Daily Briefing: Please Please Please

* Democrats to spend billions more on "homeland security," Iraq, preserve tax cuts, and shrink deficit -- so it's pretty funny that you voted for them to give old people health care or some shit. [WP]

* British troops in Basra raid, destroy gruesome torture chamber/prison run by the Iraqi Police, who continue to stand up as we stand down. [NYT]

* The President won't give a big end-of-year Iraq speech after all. [WSJ]

* Dems try for bipartisan immigration reform that Lou Dobbs will not like very much. [NYT]

* "Here is a sampling of the staff directors of major Senate committees" = "BUY THESE PEOPLE DRINKS." [WP]

* John WALNUTS! McCain wants to increase troop level in Iraq, stay there until end of time only because he wants his loser son to go get tortured himself so that John can be as hardcore as Jim Webb. [WP]

* Dennis Kucinich and Duncan Hunter aren't really so different, though Dennis has a hotter wife. [WP]

* By the way, the war in Iraq has now killed more American troops than 9/11. [AP]

* Longtime Bush friend says President recently looked "tired" for first time ever. [NYT]


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