* The president and lawmakers scramble to gain political advantage as oil companies report record profits; fuel-economy standards may be raised. [WP, NYT, W$J]

* Fitzgerald will decide within weeks whether to charge Rove with perjury. [NYT]

* FEMA faces storm of criticism but no solution stands out; Bush lends a hand in New Orleans: "There's lots of progress. There's still a lot to be done." [WP, WP, NYT, W$J]

* House narrowly passes lobbying reform bill; last-minute deal targets earmarks. [WP, NYT, USAT, W$J]

* Bush approves Dubai ownership of nine domestic military plants. [NYT]

* Prosecution for leaking is "fraught with obstacles," say experts. [WP]

* General Motors public relations firm apologizes for offering to bribe Robert Reich to publicly support the company. [NYT]

* Anti-war platforms boost the Senate campaigns of local Democrats. [WP]

* Jack Abramoff and his family spent Passover week at a luxury resort in Florida; vacation was paid for by the "extended family." [NYT]


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