Michael Chertoff moves to distribute DHS funds based on threats, not politics. [NYT]

Advocacy groups "are pulling out all the stops" as Samuel Alito's hearings approach. [NYT]

Administration "is trying to recalibrate the military and foreign service to better handle postwar developments in future conflicts." Rand expert: "There is wide recognition of the need to professionalize our response to postwar challenges." [WSJ]

U.S. is reducing its presence in Afghanistan. [WP]

White House will make aggressive push for rebound in '06. Mark McKinnon: "This president has a real pattern of defying conventional wisdom." [USAT]

Iraq and economic issues will likely dominate the administration's agenda in '06. [WT]

Democrats plan to attack Republicans for violating the public's privacy. [USAT]

"Democratic gains appear to be inevitable" in '06 election, Stuart Rothenberg reports. [WT]

Lawmakers' divisions and inconsistencies over immigration are due in part to the public's ambivalence. GOP pollster: "You wonder why politicians are not always consistent. It's because public opinion's not always consistent." [WP]


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