Administration officials privately acknowledge trouble with Iraq. Bush: "The recent violence in Iraq is a grim reminder of the brutal enemies we face in the war on terror." Retired General McCaffrey: "It's a race against time because by the end of this coming summer we can no longer sustain the presence we have now. . . The American people are walking away from this war." [WP, USAT]

Bush expresses sympathy for Sheehan: "It breaks my heart to think about a family weeping over the loss of a loved one. I understand the anguish that some feel about the death that takes place." White House does not publicly dispute Sheehan's characterization of her original meeting with Bush. [WP, NYT]

Abramoff is indicted on fraud charges by federal grand jury in Florida. Rothenberg: "It absolutely could play into the Democrats' national message. They are going to look for any and all ways to paint the Republicans as ethically challenged." [WSJ, NYT]

NARAL will change its controversial anti-Roberts advertisement. [WP, NYT]

FBI prepares for a possible domestic terrorist attack around anniversary of 9/11; sources propose a plot that involves exploding fuel tankers. DHS flack: "The information is uncorroborated, and the source is of questionable reliability." [NYT]

FEC criticizes DeLay's PAC for misstatements and irregularities. [WP]

Roberts provided confidential advice within the Reagan administration. [NYT]

9/11 Commissioners are looking into pre-9/11 surveillance of hijackers by DoD. [WP]

Many nominees to Pentagon jobs are stuck in the senate confirmation process. [NYT]


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