Daily Briefing: "Relatively Nonintrusive"

Social Security and Medicare Boards of Trustees, an independent, bipartisan panel, finds Medicare at greater risk than Social Security; in fact, "the financial outlook for Social Security has improved marginally since 2000." [WP, NYT, USAT]

Terri Schiavo's parents file emergency appeal with Supreme Court; odds are against them. [NYT, USAT, USAT]

Wolfowitz thisclose to World Bank presidency. [WP]

White House reconsidering formula behind private accounts; open to percentage "offset" less than 3%, says Hubbard. [WSJ]

Major news organizations file brief to determine if crime was committed in Plame leak. [WP]

Schiavo case proves strength of alliance between Catholics and evangelicals for "culture of life" movement; also exposes "credibility gap" of administration on selective expansion of federal power. [NYT, LAT]

Bush targets conservative Democrats, African-Americans, Hispanics, women in Social Security push. Strategist: "He's starting to get some positive feedback from audiences that aren't traditional supporters of the Republican party." [WSJ]

Bush, Paul Martin, Vicente Fox agree to "spirit of partnership"; president lowers expectations for passage of guest-worker program. [WP, NYT, WSJ, USAT]

FEC expects "relatively nonintrusive" regulations of political campaigning online. [WP]

Most states encouraged but challenged by No Child Left Behind requirements. [NYT]


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