Daily Briefing: Resignation Week

* Barry Obama may have outraised Hillary, but she's still got a shitload more money than anyone else running. [WP]

* Gonzo's testimony for his Tuesday hearing has already not gone over well. He says he didn't do anything wrong and even if he maybe did it wasn't that big a deal and who can remember anyway? [NYT, WP]

* Oh snap, Barry is totally leeching a bunch of Clinton family loyalist donors! [NYT]

* 51 percent of American think Don Imus shoulda been fired, 45% thought the pollsters were making an inappropriate joke about the late, beloved Don Ho. [WP]

* Bad week for Wolfie. [NYT]

* Wait a minute -- does President Bush actually think Congress has some sort of constitutional authority to do... well, anything? [WP]

* Dick Cheney predicts that President Bush will win on the war spending issue. So expect a violent, bloody, unending occupation of Congress that will stretch on for the remainder of Bush's term and end in a civil war. [NYT]


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