Daily Briefing: Resisting the Urge

* President Bush's big "state of Iraq policy" speech tonight is expected to focus on the "If we're still fighting, we haven't lost" strategy. [WP]

* How will Democrats respond? [NYT, NYT]

* Security Bill of unimplemented recommendations of 9/11 Commission gets big confidence vote from House. Joe Lieberman now "hopes" to get "some" of the same proposals adopted by the Senate. [WP, NYT]

* A Senate whose future depends largely on the finger squeezing abilities of a now slightly improved Tim Johnson. [WP]

* Schwarzenegger gets back his God-complex, claims California is "the modern equivalent of the ancient city-states of Athens and Sparta." [WP]

* It's now legal to drill away, up in Bristol Bay. [WP]

* Republicans just love to talk shit about sticky-fingers Sandy Berger. [WP]

* University faculty members pissed about being forced to house Bush Library. [NYT]

* NOAA confirms: the heat is on. [NYT, USAT]


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