Daily Briefing: Rove on the Record

Bush, Frist now want a deal to bring Bolton to a vote. Rove: "The Democrats continually are changing the goal posts. It is clear their object is to obstruct." [WP, NYT, LAT, WT, USAT]

Congressional Democrats increasingly critical of Bush's handling of Iraq. Feinstein: "There is rising concern that everything seems to be going the wrong way." Rove: "[The insurgents] have misjudged the American people, though. And they have certainly misjudged this president." [WP]

Email released by Abramoff shows ethics lawyer approved his support of DeLay; lobbyists can't pay, but lobbying groups can. Aspen Institute is top sponsor of congressional travel. [WP, USAT, USAT, NYT]

Bush green-lights Republicans in Congress to propose reforms for Social Security that do not include personal accounts. Cato analyst: "Shuffling the deck and getting some new ideas on the table offer a chance to open this debate up again." [LAT, WSJ, NYT]

Senators believe the elimination of the estate tax for most tax brackets can pass this summer. [WSJ]

Durbin expresses "heartfelt apologies" after Nazi comparison. [WP, WT]

Democrats, some Republicans irked by Halliburton's disputed billing. [NYT]

Senate passes amendment to voluntarily reduce emissions. [NYT]

Bush will visit Vietnam next year in show of support. [WP, USAT]

Democrats sticking to all-for-one mentality. Brazile: "I think the party will be much better positioned for the 2006 election than 2002." [LAT]

Rice, in the Middle East: "We need to continue to draw attention to the fact that we do think that a democracy is not a democracy if women are not fully included in it." [WP]

Durbin, Dean headlined fundraiser last night. [WT]

Republicans in the West break with Bush over drilling. [NYT]


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