Daily Briefing: Run for Four Years

we trust the dog more too Bush makes nice in Canada: seeks "wide international consensus" for creation of "effective" multinational institutions, defeat of terrorism, and promotion of democracy; puts pressure on Palestinians for peace. [WP, NYT, USAT, WT, BG]

U.S. to add 12,000 troops in Iraq to stabilize country for elections. [WP, NYT, USAT]

Tenet takes issue with creation of national intelligence director: "I don't think you should separate the leader of this country's intelligence from a line agency." [WP]

Federal judge questions legality of enemy combatant status. Attorney: "It's past time for the mockery to end." [WP, NYT, USAT]

Anti-abortion activists see green lights with conservative Senate; plan "array of incremental, carefully focused restrictions." Brownback: "The country is moving pro-life." Feinstein: "I have a sense of deep foreboding unless the choice movement is able to once again come alive." [NYT]

White House considers larger personal investment accounts for Social Security. [WT]

Gonzales will recuse himself from Plame investigation if confirmed as attorney general. [NYT]

Key Republican Congressional leaders need direction from Bush to press agenda of tax reform, Social Security overhaul. [WSJ]

Deficit unlikely to be halved as Bush promised. Analyst: "It makes heroic assumptions about controlling spending, and it's just not realistic." [BG]

Frist's campaign fund has lost $460,000 in the stock market since 2000; Daschle flack: "He still thinks we should put seniors' Social Security funds in the stock market?!" [WP]

Bush to convene two-day economic conference to discuss tax reform, future of Social Security. [WSJ]

Congress cuts centerpiece of administration's plan to curtail gun crimes, signaling Congress' independence from administration. [NYT]

Hillary faces row of hurdles toward 2008. McAuliffe: "We have the luxury this time around of being able to run for four years like the Republicans did in 2000." [WT]

Election aftershocks ongoing. [USAT]

Frank Rich: Be wary of "Nascarization of news." [NYT]

[Stephen Crowley/The New York Times]


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