* The day after sitting through his more boring State of the Union address yet, the Senate punished Bush by approving a nonbinding resolution claiming that the President's planned troop increase is "against the national interest." That'll learn him. [WP]

* California, Florida, Illinois and New Jersey are going to fundamentally change/ruin the way we nominate presidential candidates by moving their primaries up to February '08. As usual, it's worrying for Democracy, Kucinich supporters. [NYT]

* Libby trial: Ex-Associate Deputy Director of the CIA Robert Grenier claimed to have told Scooter Libby all about Joe Wilson and maybe his wife a month before Libby says he learned the wife's name from Tim Russert. Meanwhile, Libby asserts that he's a scapegoat, sacrificed by a White House looking to protect Karl Rove. [NYT, WP]

* Everyone in congress is very, very old. [Politico]

* Black democrats love Clinton, Edwards, wary of Barry Hussein Obama. [WP]

* GOOD NEWS DC: As of yesterday, D.C. Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton has the right to vote on amendments to bills on the House floor! A huge step forward, even though she already had this right a couple years ago until the Republicans took it away. [WP]

* On CNN's The Situation Room, Dick Cheney shot rays of pure hatred from his cold, beady eyes. Rays were directed at Wolf Blitzer, Democrats. [WP]


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