* Nationwide boycott and simultaneous rallies are planned for today by pro-immigrant groups; Senate leaders are near a compromise, "but the White House may be underestimating the degree of opposition from within his party." [USAT, WP]

* Thousands rally on the mall to call for action on Darfur. Sen. Obama: "Paralysis in the face of genocide is wrong." [WP, NYT, USAT]

* Conservatives inundated with complaints about plan to rebate $100 to taxpayers for high gas prices. Rush Limbaugh: "What kind of insult is this? Instead of buying us off and treating us like we're a bunch of whores, just solve the problem." [NYT]

* Official report admits "shortfalls and deficiencies" in Iraq reconstruction as well as "substantial progress." [WP]

* Josh Bolten, making his television debut on Fox News, says the West Wing is trying "to get our mojo back." [WP]

* Bringing impersonator to Correspondents' Dinner was Bush's idea, officials say. [NYT]

* Democrats want to use minimum wage as a "wedge issue." [W$J]

* Alito will likely cast the deciding vote in three upcoming cases. [WP]


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