Daily Briefing: Senators, Lift Up Your Weary Heads!

* President Bush presents his budget. Grover Norquist says, "Yay!" Nancy Pelosi says, "Boo!" [WP, NYT]

* Rudy Giuliani plans to run for President in the same clipped-sentence, homo-loving way to which he is accustomed. [WP, NYT]

* "Senator McConnell led his Republican troops off a cliff," to make sure American troops could be led into Baghdad. [WP, NYT, LAT, USAT]

* Henry Waxman is the Eliot Ness to Dick Cheney's Al Capone. [NYT]

* Making less than $100K a year qualifies as "American Poor," with all the paltry handouts to which you are entitled. [WSJ]

* Sexy astronaut love triangle features adultery, assault, diapers. [LAT]


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