Daily Briefing: So Stupid That

* Dick Cheney and Harry Reid wild out, exchange volleys of mama jokes. [NYT]

* Henry Waxman wants to know what the White House knows about everything. [WP, WP, NYT]

* SCOTUS considers overturning the only thing John McCain ever accomplished. [WP, WSJ]

* So, help keep Johnny Mac from slipping into a depression by pretending to give a shit about his "official" candidacy announcement today. [WP, NYT]

* If Paul Wolfowitz is "the biggest crisis in the World Bank's history," then we finally understand why there are so many poor people. [NYT]

* "Popcorn worker's lung" ravages Ohio while OSHA does nothing. [NYT]

* Every Republican vote for the Iraq war today means two votes for Democrats in 2008. [LAT]


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