Daily Briefing: Sodomy for Soldiers

Chafee rescinds support of Bolton, making confirmation uncertain and putting White House on damage control. McClellan: "It's an ugly side of Washington D.C." [WP, NYT, WSJ, LAT, WT]

New allegation of harassment: Bolton "once threw a file folder and a tape dispenser at an American businesswoman in Moscow, disparaged her weight and alleged she was gay in an attempt to get her to withdraw criticism of a foreign-aid project." [USAT]

Republicans offer to investigate DeLay; Democrats rebuff. Mollohan: "If we're going to have an ethics committee, we have to do it right." [WP, USAT, WSJ, LAT, WT]

Public wants parties, lawmakers to focus on domestic economy. Analyst: "People feel vulnerable and besieged and they don't hear anybody talking about it." [WP]

Bush speaks of energy independence and alternative fuels: "With oil at more than $50 a barrel, by the way, energy companies do not need taxpayers'-funded incentives to explore for oil and gas." Kerry, meanwhile, says the president lacks solutions. [WP, USAT, LAT, WT]

As markets sink, private accounts look less attractive. [NYT]

Grassley on Social Security: "If my partisan approach doesn't come around to a bipartisan coalition, nothing's going to happen." [USAT]

Filibuster maneuver is all about Frist's presidential ambitions. Wittmann: "Frist is hearing footsteps, and they are the footsteps of Brownback, Santorum and Allen." [LAT]

Rice attempts to "gently press Putin on democracy and the rule of law without losing Russia's cooperation on nuclear proliferation, counterterrorism and other global issues." [WP, NYT]

NEA files suits in three states against No Child Left Behind: "The rebellion is growing." [WP, NYT, USAT]

Census predicts seniors will outnumber kids in 10 states by 2030. [USAT]

Pentagon reconsiders ban on sodomy. [NYT]

DeLay Foundation for Kids has close corporate ties. [NYT]

Jeffords will not seek re-election. [WP, NYT, LAT]


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