Daily Briefing: Something to Worry About

President, senators, congressmen return to pass unprecedented Terri Schiavo legislation. House aide: "The courts are pro-death. This Congress is pro-life." [WP, NYT, LAT, WSJ, USAT, WT]

Religious conservatives impressed: "It's [Bush's] willingness to interrupt his vacation to make a statement. And not just to make a statement, because we're not playing games here, but to make a difference, too." [NYT, USAT]

Bush "enunciating more clearly and dotting his remarks with more literary references"; linguists note "dialing-down" of Texas twang. Weisberg has trouble finding Bushisms. [WSJ]

FEC considers regulating online political activities, including disclaimers on blogs. Commissioner: This "has huge significance because it means that people who are conducting political activity on the Internet are suddenly going to have to worry about or at least be conscious of certain legal distinctions and lines they didn't used to have to worry about." [WP]

Negroponte's stint in Honduras two decades ago is smudge on his record. [WP]

Wolfowitz, on road to World Bank, reaches out to critics. [WP]

Democrats want Bolton to have "rocky trip" to expected confirmation, says Dodd. Kerry: "You've got a nominee who will have a tough time making a case that he's the right guy for this job." [WT]

Private add-on accounts for Social Security also face resistance; issue likely to continue well beyond '06. [LAT]

Subscriptions to The Nation have doubled under Bush administration: "You could say that all the way through, for four years, we've benefited from the follies of the Bush administration." [NYT]


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