NSA eavesdropping may face legal challenges in Florida, Ohio, Oregon, and Virginia; White House insists that Bush has acted properly. Prosecutor: "If I'm a defense attorney, the first thing I'm going to say in court is, 'This was an illegal wiretap.'" [NYT]

Democrats divided over '08 primary schedule. [WP]

Anti-war sentiment does not appear to be eroding support of Sen. Hillary Clinton. Director of MoveOn.org: "The genius of Bill Clinton is that he was always perceived as loyal to his base. But we didn't have an issue during his presidency that was as divisive as Iraq." [NYT]

GOP strategist is criticized for taking on Mexico as a client. [NYT]

Advocacy group called Move America Forward staunchly defends the war in Iraq with new ad campaign. Co-founder: "The White House has really done a poor job of getting the message out, which is why we've had to step into the breach." [WSJ]

Liberal Democrats may alienate moderates with recent stances on national security. DLC memo: "In shaping alternative policies -- particularly on national security, terrorism and Iraq -- Democrats have to be extremely careful to avoid reinforcing the negative stereotype that has cost us so much in the last two national elections." [WT]

Chief Justice John Roberts brings humor and social skills to the Supreme Court; "there are signs he will be a more dynamic chief than his predecessors." [USAT]

The first dog to walk on the Senate floor dies. [WP]


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