Daily Briefing: Sticks and Stoners

* Democratic Presidential candidates traipse across the country calling on each other to denounce things, people. [WP, NYT, LAT]

* No one's partying the night away in Chatta-vegas over President Bush's tax-credit health insurance plan. [WP, NYT]

* Prince Harry will play soldier for a while in Iraq before going back to a life of leisure he neither earned nor deserves! [AP]

* Libby Trial's focus on "the semantics of lying" totally screwing up chances for an Iran war. [WSJ]

* So, apparently DHS operates 325 "immigrant detention centers." They are also, apparently, shitty places to be detained. [NYT]

* Loose coalition of "dudes on the couch" sues HHS and FDA for saying mean things about weed. [NYT]


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