Daily Briefing: Strength in that Stable

denny huff and puff hastert Bush will shake up economic team with skilled outsiders; Bolten to remain, with Pataki, Gramm, Card possible additions; plus, who will replace Greenspan? Advisor: "The president knows that he doesn't have the strength in that stable, and he's going to another corral to find it." [WP, BG]

Administration continues to back January elections for Iraq: "Some developments are working against us. But a lot of them are also working in our favor, and there is no reason to give up on our timetable right now." [NYT]

Intelligence bill would pass today if Hastert wasn't concerned with unity of House Republicans; Bush faces choice to allow vote or let legislation fail, writes Brownstein. [LAT, USAT]

Kean says delay of intelligence bill "risks lives"; Lieberman says Bush must become involved for reform to pass. [WP, WT]

Plame cases highlight weakness of protections for journalists in Washington. [WP]

Confirmation hearings for Rice set for January. [WP]

GOP to target vulnerable red-state Democrats in 2006: Nelson of Nebraska and Nelson of Florida. [WT]

No rest for Bush donors who raise $40m for inaugural. [NYT]

Officials have no comment on reported assassination attempt in Columbia. [USAT]

Eight states raise taxes, including five that voted for Bush. [WT]

[Photo illustration from low culture]


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