Daily Briefing: Terrifying Soccer Mom

Bush will hold rare prime-time news conference tonight at 8:30. [NYT]

DeLay likely violated ethics rules, say experts. [WP, USAT]

House restores ethics procedures. Hastert: "I am willing to step back." [NYT, LAT, WSJ, USAT, WT]

White House may skip panel vote on Bolton and go straight to Senate; Lugar expects panel to approve. [WSJ, WP]

Dozens of Republicans backed by DeLay's PAC in turn donate to his defense fund. [NYT]

Filibuster roll call unclear due to a few undeclared Republicans. Frist: "You never have the votes until you have the votes." [WP]

Critics complain Bush's energy plan will not lower gas prices. [WP, LAT, USAT]

House cracks down on out-of-state abortions for under-age girls. [NYT, USAT]

Gore says curtailing filibusters would "undermine the rule of law." [WP, LAT]

Spellings: "I don't think I'm terrifying. I'm a 47-year-old soccer mom." [NYT]


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