• Rhode Island's 15 minutes of fame are up as maverick Senator Lincoln Chafee wins GOP primary. [WP, NYT, USAT]

  • Michael Chertoff tells congress that the US cannot "defend ourselves against every conceivable threat." Nation's petting zoos and popcorn factories now totally unprotected. [NYT]

  • Hillary Clinton wins primary in a cakewalk, eats no actual cake. [NYT]

  • Democrats feel NSA is inappropriately advocating it's own spying program. [WP]

  • Maryland elections display DC levels of logistical incompetence. [WP]

  • States taking it upon themselves to increase minimum wage, "for the first time, a majority of states could require higher pay than the federal rate." [USAT]

  • Diplomacy now so obsolete reporters forced to write about who's doing Condi this week. [NYT]

  • Adrian Fenty will be next mayor of DC. [WP]

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