Daily Briefing: The 19 Days Until The Rest of Your Life

  • President spends Labor day all by his lonesome as Maryland's two top Republicans refuse to hang out with him. [WP, NYT]

  • Legislative agenda for the short session of congress starting today will be "all terror, all the time." [NYT]

  • Congressional Democrats send letter to White House calling for ouster of Pentagon's "civilian leadership," as if no one knows who that means. [WP]

  • As all elections are ultimately decided by some type of mom, 2006 is the year of the "mortgage mom." [WP]

  • Medicare administrator Mark McClellan to resign at any minute. [WP]

  • Americans are pissed and "anti-incumbent," will be punching ballot cards with ice picks. [CNN]

  • The war in Afghanistan is not going as well as you thought. [NYT]

  • This week in "things being named after Reagan" finds California reshuffling their statues in the Capitol's statuary hall, adding the Great Communicator and removing some old guy not worth his weight in bronze. [NYT]

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