Daily Briefing: The AARP Hates Babies, Flowers

Bush has "new willingness" to join EU in offering incentives for Iran. Official: "When the president was in Europe, he found them solid on the big issue: that Iran can't have a nuclear weapon." [WP, NYT]

Bush, Putin on thin ice; Russian leader inquired about Dan Rather. [NYT]

"Ownership society" across the board: Bush wants Americans to take on financial responsibilities and risks historically reserved for federal government. [WSJ]

Santorum open to increasing Social Security payroll tax. [LAT]

Brownstein: "USA Next attacks aim not to convert AARP, but to annihilate it. . . It's tempting to view the USA Next attack as an anomaly. . . Yet it fits a larger pattern." AARP director: "If you are not in the same thought camp as they are, then you are the enemy. And it's actually true on the left as well as the right, but even more on the right." [LAT, USAT, USAT]

Administration presses governors to reach quick verdict on Medicaid restructuring. Richardson: "The administration wants a deal by the end of the week. We're going to resist that. It just shouldn't be 'our way or the highway.'" [WP]

Republican Representative from Florida makes feeble attempt at Social Security compromise. [NYT]

Biden thinking about president run; on Hillary: "I think she'd be incredibly difficult to beat. I think she is the most difficult obstacle for anyone being the nominee." [WT]


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