• White House leans on the "terrorists will win if Democrats win" line as President Bush campaigns in Texas. [WP, NYT]

  • Virginia Senate race hinges on turnout, Webb's staff is "totally geeked out to get things done." [WP]

  • Possible Democratic control of statehouses could mean re-redrawing congressional districts and creating a "Permanent Democratic Majority." [NYT]

  • Rick Santorum continues to levy accusations against Bob Casey, whose response is, "scoreboard." [NYT]

  • Congressional "power ranking" rates members from potent to pointless. [WP]

  • As a result of the Help America Disenfranchise the Vote Act, 24 states now require some form of photo ID before a ballot can be cast. [WSJ]

  • Republicans touting robust early voting as a sign of success, cite Florida's 16th (Mark Foley's) district as example. [WSJ]

  • It's hard work making voting machines: Smartmatic Corp. is accused of being under the influence of Venezuela high-talker Hugo Chavez. [WP]

  • Sexless Washington busy-bodies use government funds to advance their misery nationwide. [USAT]

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