Daily Briefing: The Budget Gets Unspun

Bush's "time bomb" budget dumps expenses on successor. Professor: "You've got a shadow budget coming in behind that's a whole lot more expensive." [WP]

Government picked by Iraqis is "last thing the administration expected from its costly Iraq policy -- $300 billion and counting," say analysts. [WP]

Frist urges Dean and Dems to be open to Republican policy. Dean: "I'll pretty much be living in red states in the South and West for quite a while. The way to get people not to be skeptical about you is to show up and say what you think." [USAT]

Budget slams red states; Republican senators respond angrily. Cochran (R-Miss.): "I don't think anyone in the administration really thought Congress would go along with this." [WP]

Laura wants to get the party started; shuffles social staff members in preparation for more entertaining. Fired chef: "We've been trying to find a way to satisfy the first lady's stylistic requirements, and it has been difficult." [NYT]

Democrats counter Bush's bully pulpit on Social Security with hundreds of town hall meetings. [WP]

Democrats try to imitate unity, message control of Republicans. [LAT]

Frist says he has the votes to change filibuster rules, but doesn't want to. [WT]

U.S. increases pressure on North Korea. [NYT]

Spellings relinquishes some control of NCLB to states, cities. [NYT]

Lieberman to replace Rumsfeld? [WP]


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