Daily Briefing: The CIA: "They Run Operations"

Bush kicks off two-day, five-state campaign blitz for Social Security overhaul: "I truly believe that the American people can help decide an issue in the halls of Congress." Uh, are we getting paid extra for that? [WP, NYT, WSJ, LAT, USAT, BG]

Gonzales confirmed with less Democratic support than Ashcroft received. [WP, NYT, WSJ, LAT]

Senate Democrats visit FDR memorial to assert staunch opposition to Social Security plan; some Republicans still skeptical. [NYT]

Bush acknowledges significant cuts in future benefits will be necessary: "I know that none of these reforms would be easy. But we have to move ahead with courage and honesty." [NYT]

Bush to add $140b over 10 years in health care spending to widen coverage. [WP, USAT]

Rumsfeld offered to resign at two junctures during Abu Ghraib scandal. [NYT, USAT]

House and Senate Intelligence Committees start review of Pentagon's intelligence gathering. Boykin: "We're talking about looking at intelligence as an operation, much like the C.I.A. does. They run operations." [NYT]

Myers reports 40,000 Iraqi forces are fully trained, though the Iraqi Army experiences widespread shortages. [NYT]

Rice says U.S. will not join Europe in offering incentives to Iran: "I think our European allies agree that the Iranian regime's human rights behavior and its behavior toward its own population is something to be loathed." [NYT]

Nelson wooed by White House to switch sides on Social Security fight; dinner and a movie with George, Laura. [LAT]

Workers who earn return on personal account investment would receive smaller Social Security checks under Bush plan. [WP]

People in their early 50's are "in-between" new and old Social Security plans. [NYT]

Democrats anxious as Dean ascends. [USAT]

Bush will cut back on housing and community development. [NYT]

EPA's inspector general alleges pre-determined conclusion to favor power industry. [NYT, LAT]

Proposal to train capital defense lawyers resulted from "harmonic convergence" of interests; outsiders confused. [WP]

Caps on campaign donations raised slightly to reflect inflation. [NYT]


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